Corallite colony shapes


Colonies with corallites that have their own distinctive walls


Colonies with corallites of uniform height and adjoined towards their base


Colonies with corallites sharing common walls


Spreading branches of single corallites


Colonies with corallite mouths aligned in valleys

Thamnasteroid (SeptaCostae)

Corallites with confluent septa and lacking defined boundaries

Both of the above examples are septacostae species.


  • Colonies with valleys that have completely separate walls
  • Valleys have several mouths
  • Seen in Catalaphyllia, Euphyllia, and Lobophyllia

Inclined corallites

Corallites that grows at an angle (facing the outer margin) from the colony base

Exsert corallites and Immersed corallites

  • Corallites that extend outward, or are raised from the colony surface are considered Exsert corallites (Below Left)
  • Corallites that form depressions inward, or are equal to or lower than the colony surface are considered immersed corallites (Below Right)