iOS Fishes


Fishes, by Reef Life is the most comprehensive app on the market relating to fish identification, making this perfect for divers and snorkelers alike, to assist them with all of their identification needs.

This app offers 1072 well documented species that cover the full spectrum of fish types. Each species is fully documented with a full species classification, a distribution range and are fully described.

  • 4 classes
  • 15 orders
  • 87 families
  • 387 genera
  • 1072 species

In this app, you will also find many great educational pages that explains, in detail many classification features, including:

  • Anatomy images
  • Anatomy details and descriptions
  • Explaining differences between similar looking families. One example is gobies vs. blennies

In addition to education, there is a large section about conservation, including the issues faced by our beloved oceanic species, as well as ways you can support them. There is also a glossary of many conservation organizations with details about each.

The objective of our apps is to support scuba divers, as well as snorkelers and other enthusiasts, in identifying and learning about the animals they experience.