Version 3 is here

Some of the new features include

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    40% more species

    Version 3.0 has a combined total of 2211 species, up from the combined 1580 species from the previous version.

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    Improved user experience

    We have redesigned the app, from top to bottom to improve the user experience. The is far more intuitive, and fluid making it easier to navigate and learn

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    Redesigned database

    Completely overhauled the database for faster load times, allowing a better experience. Plus, now older devices and benefit from these apps as well.

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    Graphical distribution range

    We have added a graphical map for an easier understanding of the distribution range of each species.

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    More accurate distribution range

    In Version 3.0, we have gone to great lengths to increase the accuracy of each distribution range. This new version now has 188 different regions. Up from 39 ranges from the previous version.

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