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What features are we missing that you would like to see?

Tell us below, as many of our upgraded features, both deployed and in development come from comments made by you.

Let me get things started by providing you with my list of items currently in development.

Add personal photos to app

This is a common request that we are highly motivated to try and accomplish.
Programming the "adding the photo" is relatively easy. The challenge we are faced with is when one owns multiple apps, example iOS and MacOS, and has each app on multiple devices, iPhone, iPad and/or Mac, how to synchronize this image to all. Asking the partner to upload their image to each app/device is not an option for me.

Likelihood to be released: High

When: Not sure.

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Likelihood to be released
Not certain

List species by country

This is a project that I am nearly completed with. This was the very goal of my increasing the number of regions from 39 to 188, allowing me to be more precise with each species location. As of now, in version 3, I have each subRegion (the 188) linked to each region to display the text value of the distribution. I want to add a "select a country" option and will further display by country. As of now, this is divided into 225 countryRegions. I use the word "country" loosely as one of many examples is Indonesia is listed twice: Indonesia Pacific Ocean and Indonesia Indian Ocean.
Now only needing to figure out how to move data from my database to a sortable feature on the app.

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Likelihood to be released

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