Reef Life Sharks & Rays

This app is perfect for divers, snorkelers and aquarium enthusiast that would like to not only identify, but learn about our salt water friends.

Reef Life Sharks & Rays is a comprehensive marine life identification app, cover all species of type Sharks and Rays.

Reef Life Sharks and Rays now boasts 127 species that are fully documented and professionally photographed (189).

Reef Life has GPS coordinates of more than 200 internally defined oceanic regions and subregions that allows users to refine the identification of species based on a specific location.  

Benefits to the user experience include:

 Selecting from 31 pre-defined menu based REGIONS like “Caribbean Sea”, or “Australia, tropical” or “West coast United States” and see the species only from that region.

 Dropping “pins” on a location in our interactive map and search for species in that exact location.   Each named drop pin is saved in your “myPlaces” folder.

 You can even select the “species in my current location” option to see only the species which are located within in your current location.

Each menu can be toggled to display presented species either in a list view format or as a grid view, depending on individual preferences.

This advancement significantly simplifies the process of identifying marine life animals

Marine Life Conservation and Education are a priority as well. There are two major sections, 50+ pages covering all matters education and conservation.

*** As required by scuba divers *** This app is fully self contained and does not require an internet connection, making this the perfect buddy while on boats or in remote dive locations.

"Conservation thru Education"

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