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Puzzles for Kids!

Every child loves:

  • Jigsaw Puzzles and Drawing Books
  • Animals and cartoons.

RL Puzzles Kids, offers features in a fun and exciting single app.

Help you child strengthen their logic skills and shape recognition with this beautiful full-size professional photography of animals that live in the oceans, as well as colorful and excited cartoon drawing based on an ocean theme.

Allow the artist creativity of your child's imagination with our coloring book with 50+ templates, ranging from easy to very intricate drawings.

Best of all, your child can convert any drawing into a puzzle and play with it!

Our features include:

Beautiful photos from 2 categories: Animals and Cartoon

Puzzle sizes range from 6 pieces to 216 pieces

Fully random, scattered pieces, leaving no two puzzles with the pieces in the same starting location

Rotation: Once your child has mastered a lever, go one step further with the optional "rotate" pieces.

Pieces will snap together with you any two pieces connect that belong together

Pieces will snap to place when placed in the correct location

Games automatically save on exit, giving you the ability to return and play as many different puzzles as you like

Zoom. You can zoom on any board, at any time.

Music soundtracks. Listen to some high quality, relaxing music while playing.

RL Puzzles Kids

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